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benefits lawyers In today’s business environment, companies need to be ever watchful of their bottom line. Getting the most for their legal dollar is more important than ever.  We work with our clients to offer flexible fee arrangements tailored to meet their particular needs.



Examples of these include:

  • Contingent Fee: This is a fee that is based on the amount received in a particular case.  In certain circumstances, this can be combined with fixed or hourly fees, when appropriate.

  • Fixed or Flat Fee:  This is a flat, fixed fee for a specified project or amount of work. In certain situations a fixed fee serves a client best. Additionally, where appropriate, a fixed fee can be combined with an hourly rate.  

  • Hourly Rate: This is an amount charged per hour based on the actual work performed for the client. In certain situations, such as high volume projects, a reduced hourly rate can be appropriate.

  • Percentage Fee: This is a fee based upon the amount involved in the matter being handled.

  • Retainer:  This is a fee that is paid in advance of legal work performed. Where appropriate a fixed monthly payment can be made based upon the legal work anticipated for the year. In addition, we offer our Attorney Answers Program where clients pay a low, fixed monthly fee for access to our attorneys via telephone or email to answer basic legal questions throughout the month.
  • As with everything we do, we work with our clients to find a fee structure or combination of fee structures that meet their needs and budget and will provide the most cost effective legal service.  


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